where to find best luxury villas marbella

where to find best luxury villas marbella


The fast evolving trend of increased demand in property market in Marbella, has shown that many people are willing to invest in purchase of residential property. Many individuals are more interested in living a lavish lifestyle thus leading to the increased demand for luxury villas to rent in marbella.

The popularity of villas can be traced back during the Roman Empire although by then they were just upscale country homes. Villas are mostly large and a little bit costly thus considered as upper class country homes with numerous amenities and luxuries.

In Marbella, Spain, villas are a times referred to as “Villa Veleta” and “Casa Sierra”. When it comes to buying luxury villas Marbella there are various things you should consider, one is currency exchange malaga


Consult with the Land registry and verification of local planning Marbella.

First, if you are a foreigner in Marbella and you want to invest in purchase of a luxury villa then you should first consults with the relevant Land registry and verification of local planning. This ensures that your prospective seller has a legit tittle to easily facilitate the transfer of property ownership and to make sure the villa is not subject to any encumbrances, charges or tenants.

To be even extra careful, hire a property lawyer to review the sales documents in connection to the luxury villas Marbella.

Have a realistic budget:

You need to have a pre-defined budget limit since the price of a luxury villas Marbella is relatively high compared to other residential properties. Luxury properties are not cheap thus don’t get expect to spend less than they are worth. They will range from at least 2 million Euros and cost as much as 7 million Euros.

When making deposits, only make payments to the registered owner or a legal attorney who is allowed to receive the payments and ensure you are given a signed document as proof of the transaction.


Choose the appropriate location to buy a villa.

When buying luxury apartments Marbella, choose an ideal location that is well developed so that you cannot suffer inadequacy of the most essential amenities which include electricity, transportation and hygiene. Areas in Sierra Blanca and La Zagaleta are some cool places in Marbella Golden Mile you would consider to buy your villas.


Work with reliable real estate agent.

Investing in residential properties in Marbella can be challenging thus it is important to work with professional agents. They guide you through every step of the purchase ensuring that get the best fair deal and also to make sure you comply with the local laws and legalities affecting the acquisition of residential properties.

Finally when buying luxury villas Marbella, ensure the owner has no pending debts with the local tax authority. Ask for the latest payment receipt and ascertain that the seller has no unpaid community charges.


Modern age luxury villas Marbella have spectacular design details and glamorous architectural designs that comprising of customized rooms that includes the gymnasium, steam baths, and spas. Search for villas that have enhanced security systems modern audios, intercom systems and decorative outdoor lightings to guarantee a quality villa worth the value of your money.


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