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Are you interested in a wedding in Ann Arbor? Do you want your celebration to be on the highest level? Then you definitely should contact professional Ann Arbor wedding planners, who specialize in all stages of wedding organization.

Planning and organization of weddings is a complex process. For unprepared couples, it is tedious and does not always promise a positive result. The decisive role is played by experience, knowledge, the availability of an extensive database of services and artists, as well as a well-coordinated team. Ann Arbor wedding planners can help you to plan a perfect wedding you’ve dreamed of for a long time.

Wedding planning ��can be divided into 7 important stages.

1. Wedding budget

It is very important at the first stages to determine your budget (at least approximately). It is necessary to allocate the costs for the groom and the bride, the banquet, the services of provision and entertainment programs. Professional wedding planners will help you to pragmatically and effectively use your budget.

2. Guest list

You must clearly understand how many people will be present at the wedding. In addition, it is important to find out which guests will come to the registry office and to the wedding in a church? It will be even better to make a list with a name-based listing, personal information, contacts and important notes. Later it will also be useful for the wedding host, who will rely on it to represent your guests at the banquet.

3. Dates reservation for wedding events

The wedding celebration involves a large number of compulsory events. So is necessary to book convenient dates and choose the right places. You better do this quickly in order to have a great choice and an opportunity to prepare creative events.

4. Wedding stylization

Even on the first stages of planning a wedding, you should choose its stylization, in which further planning will take place. Nowadays, there are almost no weddings without this some stylization.

5. Wedding Venue

The deciding factor of a bright event is a correct choice of the venue for a wedding banquet – this is actually half of the work of the organizers. Here, it is better to trust experienced Ann Arbor wedding planners. They will help you find the restaurants that suit you and tell you about the advantages of each.

6. Services of florists and designers

It is impossible to imagine a wedding without flowers, balls, and design elements. On this depends the general impression of the holiday, the mood of present guests and memories. We recommend you to entrust designing to experienced florists and designers in Ann Arbor.

7. Planning a wedding banquet

It is well known that the central part of any holiday is a banquet. It should be planned in cooperation with a restaurant administration and taking into account the entertainment program (rituals, competitions, quizzes, performances of artists). Preparation of a wedding banquet includes a preparation of a wedding menu and order of a cake.

These are the 7 basic steps for planning a wedding, but also, among other things, a bride and a groom must choose clothing, rings, accessories, and take care of the presence at the wedding of photographers. Also, they need to hire a wedding host to entertain guests with contests. But all of these for you can do professional wedding planners in Ann Arbor.