Best Things To Do In Marbella & Plaza Beach Club Marbella

Marbella – things to do, activities and more…


Marbella located in the Costa del Sol is a great destination to take a holiday. It has a stunning old town, lots of culture, fantastic cuisine beautiful sandy beaches and wonderful weather all year long. To explore Marbella two options are possible: by healthy walk, or by car or public transport, as Marbella can be classified as two things, Marbella as a town and Marbella as a practical province. There are many things to do in marbella.

As there are lots of interesting places to visit and activities to take part in around the resort of Marbella, I will introduce you with the Top Ten.


1. Marbella’s Old Town

The Old Town is almost like a separate village within Marbella as it is famous for its ancient architecture and maze of narrow cobbled streets full of boutique shops, funky art galleries, bars, and restaurants.


2. A Day at the Beach

marbella beaches

As I have mentioned earlier, Marbella offers a wonderful weather all year long so a trip to the beach while visiting this resort in inevitable. The very best of which can be found a 10-minute drive to the east of Marbella in the Elvira and Hotel Don Carlos areas. Also, you must visit boat hire marbella which offers the little rides for the little ones, the go karts for the men, bar, and beach for the women and the sun glowing down and the clean shores and sea it is a definite must go….


Best Things To Do In Marbella


3. La Alameda Park

If you like peace and quite park La Alameda, located on the other side of the main road of Marbella’s Old Town, is the best place to visit. Park features a magnificent large central fountain, decorated in traditional Andalucian tiles.


4. Paseo Marítimo

No holidays in Marbella would be complete without walking along this beach side promenade. Especially try to head to the “Paseo” on a Sunday when all the Spanish come here to stroll and chat private yacht hire marbella


5. Avenida del Mar

Avenida del Mar is a surrealistic park located in the very heart of Marbella. Here an impressive collection of original sculptures by Salvador Dali is displayed in the open air.


6. Parque de la Constitución

Parque de la Constitución is a true oasis of calm in this bustling modern city. Beautiful trees, colorful flowers, children’s park, an astronomic observatory, theater productions, concerts and other cultural events make Parque de la Constitución a great place to visit.


7. Shopping

one of the favoured things to do in Marbella is perfect for shopping fans! The main street is full of clothes shops, and the old town is full of boutiques and small shops selling unusual gifts, toys, clothes, shoes and accessories.

8. Culture

There is a big number of art galleries, theaters and museums in the Marbella area as well as a cultural program of concerts, jazz, and theater during the summer months.




9. Family Fun

If you love amusement, speed, and adrenaline a day at Funny Beach is perfect for you. There is a go-carting track, trampolines, electric bikes and cars, video games, pool, children’s rides, kid’s restaurant and much more entertainments.


Some cinemas showing English films, children’s theater, a bowling alley and of course fantastic beaches are offering its services.


10. Eating Out

Marbella is famous for its fantastic food. There are many restaurants serving all types of food which suites to any budget.


Where to stay in Marbella

There are plenty of high class, as well as cozy but cheap hotels in Marbella. Before booking your hotel make sure you figure out its location as some of them are located more than 15 miles from the resort, and if you plan to explore Marbella closer you may have some difficulties going to it everyday.

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